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Case study: Hotel Chain Optimizes IT Processes, User Experience

22 Oct 2018 by Steve Solomon

Facts at a glance

Client industry:


Size of company:

163,000 employees


The client needed to update its technological capabilities to address ongoing performance, reliability and cost issues.


  • Custom managed services platform
  • Reliable, scalable, flexible solution
  • Specially trained transition teams


  • Estimated $2.5 million in annual savings
  • Doubled ability to meet SLAs, from 50% to 98%
  • Optimized client processes
  • Improved end-user experience

Solution area:

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions simplify the process of procuring, maintaining and replacing the technology clients invest in to run their business.

A hotel conglomerate faced increased competitive pressures, and aging hardware threatened the company’s position in the hospitality industry. Lack of reliable IT vendor support added to the organization’s technology woes.

Not keeping up with necessary technology refreshes put the company at risk for security threats. When it became clear that simple IT fixes would no longer work, the company knew it needed to find a partner that could be more nimble and responsive to its needs. A provider that could deliver end-to-end capabilities, manage the company’s enormous technology infrastructure and help with future innovation would be ideal.

The company sought a partner that could provide agility, responsiveness and extensive IT relationships to help manage its everyday needs, as well as assist in ensuring continued success.

Partnering for success

The company sought a partner that could provide agility, responsiveness and extensive IT relationships to help manage its everyday needs, as well as assist in ensuring continued success — and cost savings.

Wanting to drive greater business transformation, the company drafted a request for proposal. Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization team responded with a bid to customize a reliable, scalable and flexible solution through a joint partnership with the client.

Our speedy response time, depth of technology offerings and deep partner relationships made us the client’s partner of choice. We had a proven ability to offer visionary solutions that could easily keep pace with the client’s immense global growth.

A tailored solution

Capitalizing on our powerful network of more than 5,300 hardware, software and cloud solution providers, Insight designed a managed services platform to help the client drastically improve performance and reliability — for less. We also integrated our processes with the client’s to ensure maximum optimization.

We began by providing lists of protocols for each client division. Teams of engineers tested each proposed solution at our Advanced Integration Lab in Chicago to verify its workability. Any suggested solution that didn’t meet our mantra of “better, faster, cheaper” didn’t make the cut.

We also sponsored regular team meetings to present new solutions and propose ideas to improve efficiency and performance on multiple levels.

The client has realized an estimated $2.5 million in annual savings.

Additionally, we trained support teams to handle the client’s specific needs before dispatching solutions to client locations throughout the world. The result: a seamless integration of teamwork and technology to offer a solution that surpassed client expectations.

Achieving operational excellence

The enterprisewide technology refresh took 18 months, detailed planning and flawless execution. The integrated Insight and client processes have helped the company double the success of its Service Level Agreements (SLAs), from 50% to 98%. And, the client has realized an estimated $2.5 million in annual savings. 

The company is extremely pleased with our approach, flexibility, ability to meet service level agreement requirements and the cost of the solution. 

“We offered solutions that most competitors couldn’t touch,” sums Radford Richardson, an Insight account executive. “We’ve streamlined the client’s procurement process, integrated exciting new technology solutions and dramatically lowered costs.” 

As a result, the client has committed to an ongoing, three-year refresh cycle, which will generate recurring revenue and additional savings over time.

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